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Are you facing a divorce? Trying to help a divorcing friend?

In my new books and devotional, you'll:


Learn why it's not unladylike or unChristian to stand up for yourself.

Be reminded of God's great love for you and His wonderful plan for your life.

Gain valuable, practical insight into the nuts and bolts of a divorce case—as well as strategies on how to help your lawyer prepare your case to win.

Reconnect with the promises of God's Word to give you hope and comfort in the storm.

Get help on how to cope with post-separation abuse in all its ugly forms.

Grow in your faith as you put on your armor for the biggest fight of your life.

Come to understand and believe God's plan for your life.

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In How to Crush Your Divorce and Keep Your Faith, attorney Bree Sullivan-Howell shares experiences and lessons learned from over two decades as a leading divorce attorney, along with insights from her own divorce journey.

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